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Extract from Volume 2 Chapter 5
(edited for the website)

Teresa Calarco

In 1985 a Seer of Italian origin, Teresa Calarco, from Liverpool, Sydney, who had been receiving Messages from Heaven in support of me and my Mission, came down to the Holy Grounds. She had been told by Our Lady to unite with the 'Little Pebble' and support his Mission. Our Lady had revealed to her that I was to be the last Pope. Theresa had a large Italian following in her Mission, and these followed her to Nowra, swelling the crowds on the Holy Grounds, considerably. She supported me for some years until various differences forced a parting of our ways.

In February, 1988, we finally separated because I had to tell her that a particular vision she had had was not of Heaven. It was to do with her claim that the Immaculate Heart was being held in her hands. Two hundred souls - including six Priests - were present; the Saviour was exposed in the Monstrance on the Altar. She claimed that we needed to kiss the Immaculate Heart, but this distracted our gaze from Jesus and diverted it towards her, in her `vision' or seeming `ecstasy'. I refused to accept this, thus a division occurred. There was jealousy between Theresa and her husband at this time; he also was claiming to have Supernatural Gifts.

Here following are some extracts of her Messages. In 1986, when the 'Little Pebble' visited her at her home Our Lord said the following:

OUR LORD:  ".......My Heart is Wounded, for everything you don't believe in, is like a sword that penetrates into My Heart. Now to you, My children; I say this to you: believe, and help make others believe, that I bring the Message to the world, and this is My Word - like the Light that shines. But those of you who believe in Me: keep Me in your hearts and you will see the Light forever. But, if what you hear you fail to put into practice it will be like a Light that goes out - and you will never find it again! Pay attention to what you are listening to, as I give My Message to My little `Rock' (`Little Pebble)! Why don't you believe....."?

This time, a Message from Our Lady on 20th June, 1986:

OUR LADY: "....Love, and believe, what you are hearing - but be careful! Do not believe in gossip; do not listen to them [those who circulate falsehoods about the 'Little Pebble' and other Seers] - and from Me will come everything you ask for, not from them [the gossipers], because they do not see - nor hear - Me. But you who are the Truth [the Seers] will bring forth My Messages - as did the three Fatima shepherds and St. Bernadette of Lourdes, who were not believed [Our Lady infers that, likewise, the people who gossip today don't believe in the Seers of today, either]. Do not act as though you did not hear or see, but believe and love - and spread My Messages.

From the lips of My little `Rock' and My `Little Rose', I speak to you today, as I will speak to you always: to those who believe and love Me - the New Jerusalem is promised! Be aware, many disasters will come; but, when you see them arrive, do not call on Me, for I will not answer; I will not know you! So, open your hearts today and leave the past, for I will save you. This is the Word that I sow on the Earth in the hearts of men and every creature".

Georgette Harb

In December, 1984, as the public began to hear about the Apparition, the Media all over Australia began reporting about the huge crowds flocking to Nowra. Also, a Lebanese woman - Georgette Harb, who lived in Sydney - was receiving Visions from a Maronite Saint called Saint Charbel. Georgette heard of our Apparitions and she asked Saint Charbel if what I was receiving was true, and the answer was: "Yes"! She then came, with her hundreds of followers - and a Lebanese Healer who was known all over Sydney - a man called Camille Latouf, he and his followers also came, swelling the ranks to thousands of pilgrims.

Late in 1984 and early in 1985 pilgrims came by the thousands to the Holy Grounds, to witness to the Apparitions - and many were cured. It was in May, 1984, that I was instructed to see the Bishop of our Diocese - His Grace, William Murray. On the 2nd December, 1984, Bishop Murray read a Pastoral Statement to the Diocese that I was not receiving revelations from Heaven, but was, instead, suffering from delusions.

In the early months of 1985 Georgette Harb came often to the Apparition Site and received many revelations from Saint Charbel about me. She was told that I was to be the last Pope - and that she was to unite, strongly, with me; that in April we were to go to see the Pope. In April of the same year we did see the Pope. However, Georgette Harb lost faith in my Messages as we did not see the Pope within three days. Our Lady had told me that we would see the Pope within 7 days; this occurred - however, had I not persisted in trying to see the Pope it would not have happened.

Because we had seen the Pope, Saint Charbel asked me - through Georgette - to go to Lebanon to visit his tomb, in thanksgiving for achieving this miracle. I promised Saint Charbel that I would be going in August/September, 1985 - even while the war was raging. However, during these visits several messages which were given to Georgette Harb were contradictory - especially some received while in Lebanon. Once we got home, around December, 1985, Georgette received a message, allegedly from Saint Charbel, indicating that no Seers should have messages which exceeded six minutes duration, the inference being that they were therefore invalid or of doubtful origin. I advised Georgette that this was a false premise. From then onwards a division occurred - also, Camille Latouf left us.

Testimony of a Miracle

On 11th February, 1986 - the day that I began my journey around the world to preach the Word of God, which was coming through the Blessed Mother - a new Miracle occurred in the home of Mrs Georgette Harb, the Seer of Sydney, Australia. She began to receive lengthy messages from Saint Charbel, which were expected to be made available in published form in the future. However, what was more pertinent in this work of God was that Georgette was undergoing the Passion of Jesus Christ. It is to be noted that I was asked by Saint Charbel to be present at one of these Visions - and I did so when I came back from my journey.

While Georgette was undergoing the Passion of Our Lord - physical, though not visible, manifestations in the areas of the Five Wounds of Jesus - from the body of Georgette came oil, many gallons of it, as though it were the Precious Blood of Jesus. This Wonderful Miracle was witnessed by thousands of people throughout Australia through the television coverage accorded it - and the occurrence continued every Friday during Lent. The oil was sent to the Church Authorities, to be investigated.

Testimony of another great Miracle which also occurred in the Home of Georgette Harb - a picture of Saint Charbel began to Weep Oil on the 1st May, 1986:

The news spread fast - and nearly 40,000 people walked past the picture to see this great Miracle of Saint   Charbel for themselves. Many people have been cured through this Wonder Oil, which they obtained on the Holy Grounds and is referred to by Saint Charbel as THE HOLY OIL OF GOD. (This Miracle was also reported in the `Daily Mirror' Newspaper, Wednesday, May 7, 1986.)

Norman Nehme and other Privileged Souls

During the same year I heard about Frank from Campsie; Norman Nehme, from Sydney; three young children - girls - from Fairfield, who had claimed to receive visions; also, a woman named Gladys. Then a person named Gino Macri, of Sydney, had a Crucifix which began to bleed oil; a person from the Blue Mountains - an Anglican lay person - had a Crucifix which was also bleeding oil. All these were documented in the Press. The man in the Blue Mountains, named Paul, began to receive visions. All these souls came to unite with me and brought many followers.

'Rose of Croatia'

In 1991, another Seer became associated with my Mission as the 'Little Pebble'. She was a married woman with a family and had a Saint Charbel House of Prayer. She had been part of the Mission for some time and had received Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady. Her name was Maria and she was to be named by Heaven as "Rose of Croatia". Maria had been born in Croatia and was part of the Australian Croatian Community. She had a number of devout followers of the Mission in her circle of friends, some Privileged Souls. Some of these faithful women suffered much persecution from their families. Much of their suffering was for the Salvation of their homeland.

Maria received many Private Messages from Our Lady at her home but Our Lady directed her to the Holy Grounds where she was to receive Public Messages for the world. On the 13th of September 1991, Maria, "Rose of Croatia", received her first Public Message. This holy woman supported me until her death.



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