18 August 2000

Rev. Fr. Peter Joseph
Vianney College Seminary
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Dear Fr. Peter,

I was interested to read your comments in the article named 'The Private Revelations Mania', in the Latin Mass magazine - Spring 2000, and would like to make some suggestions. From the tone of the article it seems that you have something against private revelation and you seem to advise against listening to them or even testing them. That, to me, seems very strange when at the same time you quote the reference, 'Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophesying, but test everything' (1 Thess. 5:19-21), the whole of the article reads as if you advise the very opposite. Who are we to believe then? The Scripture that you quote, the Word of God, or you?

I am only a Catholic layman, but what you say seems to be contradictory. You quote 'do not despise prophesy' and at the same time you say do not get involved! I ask the question, how did Guadalupe, Paray-Le-Monial, Rue de Bac, Lourdes, Knock, Fatima etc. get approval from the Church? Surely it was by lay people getting involved by testing the spirits and by living what was asked in the messages. Our Lord himself gave the qualification of how to discern revelations, and he gave only the one test, and it was this 'By their Fruits you will know them'. Surely it is by living the messages and observing your life and others that 'live' what is asked and seeing if we are drawn towards God or away from Him, proves the 'fruit'. If as a result of reading messages I'm drawn to a closer relationship through prayer and especially the full Holy Rosary (sure protection against heresy), daily Mass, the Sacrament of Penance on a regular basis, that is all the 'fruit' that we are looking for?

What you seem to be doing in your article is saying to God that you don't want Him to send messengers to earth. God is unchanging and has always sent his Prophets to mankind in time of need. Surely there is no greater need that right at this present time for Prophets, when there is such a 'great apostasy' in the Catholic Church. The majority of Priests in my area seem to have forgotten the basic truths of our Faith. Or if they know them, they rarely if ever speak about them in their homily. Some of the priests that I have asked have told me that even preaching on the 10 Commandments is too hard. What is God to do then? Leave us to our own devices? Let those that have a 'real need' for God in their life go without spiritual food? No, send His messengers of hope to feed us with 'His Word'.

You mention also in your article that 'The Little pebble' has been spoken against by name. May I ask by whom? Why has Bishop Wilson of the Diocese of Wollongong then set up an investigation into the claims of the Little Pebble? I am under the impression that while there is an investigation going on that no-one may speak out publicly against him, is that true? Are the words of the Gospel 'Judge ye no man' no longer relevant today? Personally, it seems to me that not to 'listen' to the words from Heaven is, if nothing else, rude in the extreme.

If my mother writes to me from overseas or interstate, would I not open the envelope? Would I not digest every word and affection that she shares with me, would I not be interested in everything she is interested in? Would I not want to know the latest news and how are all my relatives, and if she has a pain would I not be concerned? My Heavenly Mother is as real to me as my earthly mother. She has a power to 'love' far superior to my own mother and She is concerned for each of her children including you, Fr. Peter; how will you know of her love and yearning for you if you don't listen to her messages? How can you get to know her better than by dwelling and pondering on what She wants to share with mankind? If you don't listen to the message how can you see if they are from God? It is like returning the letter from your mother un-opened, and writing on it, unknown at this address.

I hope, Father Peter, that you will re-think your attitude towards Private Revelation and do exactly as the Gospel says 'do not despise prophesying, but test everything!' That way, you will not go astray as you will be doing the Holy Will of God.

May Our Holy Mother Bless you through her Immaculate Heart.

Mr. Guido Colla

The Order of Saint Charbel
Community of the Most Precious Blood
Meredith, Victoria

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