Rug making is an age old craft revived. Both Proggy and Hooky methods are known as far apart as Egypt and Scandinavia. The craft seems to have developed simultaneously in Britain and America, the earliest known British sample dating back to about 1840. In recent times it has become a real art form and talented craftsmen have produced some wonderful examples

Proggy rugs and hooky rugs are hard wearing rugs made out of material. To make either of them you will need old clothes, hessian or harn, A wooden frame and either a progger or a hook

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Frames and Tools can be bought from Miriam Miller

Miriam Miller at, 35 Stoney Hill Lane Milton NSW 2538
Ph: (02) 44556870

Miriam is a founding member of the Australian Rugmakers Guild, was President from 2008 until 2012 and now President Emeritus.
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