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On the left section of this page, you will find links to Techsupport pages providing help to configure your computer as well as the most common internet applications such as web browsers and your email software.

Contact Details

phone Admin: (02) 4422 5014
Tech Support: (02) 4423 7100 or 1300 666 556
email Admin: Email Sales
Tech Support: Email Techsupport

Quick Settings

Please use the settings below as a quick guide to configuring your computer for access to our network.

POP Server (Incoming)
SMTP Server (Outgoing)
Dial In Numbers
Location Number
All Users
(Nation Wide Local Call)
0198 331 355

If you require additional help, feel free to contact us by email at or contact us on (02) 4423 7100 or 1300 666 556

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